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ZGJ-70J Rectangular Paper Lid Forming Machine

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ZGJ-70J Rectangular Paper Lid Forming Machine

ZGJ-70F Square Paper Lid Forming Machine

ZGJ-70T Oval Paper Lid Forming Machine

1.The rectangular/square/oval paper cover forming machine series equipment adopts the world's leading technology, has the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and fully fills the blank of domestic paper cover machines. It is a patented product of our company.

2.Rectangular/square/oval paper lid forming machine series equipment is the ideal equipment for producing paper lids for soup bowls, instant noodle bowls, ice cream paper cup lids, chocolate box lids and other special-shaped container lids. The automatic paper lid forming machine is easy to operate, stable in performance, small in area and high in efficiency..

3. Main advantages:

The body is made of high-quality materials with high strength.

The structure runs smoothly, the molding is stable, and the noise is low.

The safety protection system is reliable.

Double cover can put two pieces directly on the machine (the second system device is optional)

Technical Parameters

Customs code: 8441309000

Paper lid Machine specifications:

Height (14-20) mm,


Min diameter 65*65 mm, Max diameter 125*125mm MAX speed: 45/PCS per minute.


Min diameter 130*130 mm, Max diameter 190*150mmMAX speed: 40/PCS per minute


Min diameter 65*65 mm, Max diameter 125*125mmMAX speed: 45/PCS per minute.

Applicable paper: PE coated paper

Paper thickness:0.45-0.5mm

Power: 8kw

Power supply: AC380V 3-phase, 50Hz (can be customized according to customers)

Working air source: air consumption 0.12 cubic meters per minute, working air pressure 0.4MPa

The total weight of the equipment: Rectangular paper lid machine .3000KG.

Square paper lid machine.3500KG.

Oval Paper super lid machine 3000KG.

Rectangular paper lid machine packaging size 2350*1700*1850mm

Square paper lid machine packaging size 2450*1700*1900mm

Oval paper lid machine packaging size 2350*1700*1850mm

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