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BZJ-600 Vertical Paper Lid Packing Machine

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BZJ-600 Vertical Paper Lid Packing Machine
Product introduction:
The BZJ-600 vertical paper lid packaging machine can be used to match various paper lid machines of our company.

main feature:
1. The structure is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and advanced, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.
2. Adopting internationally renowned electrical components, PLC control, touch man-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting.
3. The fault diagnosis prompt is clear at a glance, and the use is more user-friendly.
4. Equipped with a positioning stop function, no sticking to the knife and no waste of film.
5. The transmission system is simple and clear, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
6. All control is realized by software, which facilitates function adjustment and technology upgrade, and can adapt to the production needs of different periods.
Main technical parameters of BZJ-600:
Film width: customized
Diameter of film roll: customized
Bag size: Φ75-Φ140X300-800mm
Production speed: 1-10 packs/minute
Voltage: AC220V/380V 50/60HZ
Equipment power: 2.4KW
Dimensions: 1200mmX900mmX2000mm
Equipment weight: 600kg paper cover packaging machine
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