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DPJ-100 Single Layer Roll Feeding Bowl Lid Forming Machine

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DPJ-100 Single Layer Roll Feeding Cup Lid Forming Machine
DPJ-145 Single Layer Roll Feeding Bowl Lid Forming Machine
DPJ-200 Single Layer Roll Feeding Super Bowl Lid Forming Machine
DPJ-S100 Single-sheet paper feeding cup lid forming machine
DPJ-S145 Single-sheet paper feeding bowl lid forming machine
DPJ-S200 Single-sheet Paper Feeding Super Bowl Lid Forming Machine
1. The single-layer paper cover forming machine series equipment adopts advanced forming technology, which has the advantages of simple operation, easy mold replacement, stable performance, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. According to the different requirements of customers, it adopts automatic roll paper feeding and paper sheet feeding, creasing, embossing, punching, feeding to the mold, heating, crease, knurling, forming and other series of automatic functions. The same mold can achieve different design requirements on the top of the lid by changing the indentation version.
2. The automatic single-layer paper lid forming machine is suitable for lids made of coated paper, ice cream cup lids, coffee cup lids, noodle bowl lids, salad bowl lids, etc. It has largely replaced the plastic cover on the market.
3. Main advantages:
high speed.
Roll paper/sheet paper (you can choose one of them according to your needs)
Automatic creasing (guide line),
Automatic embossing (the logo and shape on the lid can also be cross-cut),
Automatic punching (cut roll paper into cover),
Cover a piece of paper to save costs.
PLC control + servo motor paper feeding
Open cam + shaft + cam + gear control movement, stable and reliable.
Technical Parameters
Customs code: 8441309000
Paper cover specifications:
height (8-15) mm, DPJ-100/S100 diameter (60 -100) mm, speed: (70-100) pieces per minute.
Height (8-15) mm, DPJ-145/S145 straight strength (100-140) speed: (60-75) per minute.
Height (8-15) mm, DPJ-200/S200 diameter (140 -200) mm, speed: (45-60) pieces/min
Applicable paper: single and double PE/PLA coated paper, coated paper, glazing coated paper (250-480g/m2)
Power: 10kw
Power supply: AC380V 3-phase, 50Hz (can be customized according to customers)
Working air source: air consumption 0.02 cubic meters per minute, working air pressure 0.3MPa
The total weight of the equipment: Cup lid machine .2100KG.
Bowl cover machine.2500KG.
Giant bowl machine 3300KG.
Cup lid machine packaging size 1920*1640*2000
Bowl cover machine packaging size 2200*1880*2100
Giant bowl lid machine packaging size 2600*1850*2200
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